5 things to do in the Valle di Ledro in summer

22 August 2018 7:56 am

The Valle di Ledro is a little haven on earth very close to Lake Garda, Italy’s biggest lake.

You won’t believe that, but there are really lots of activities you can do here, as well as many are the things to see. Some splendors of both nature and history combined with some quietness and relaxation will make you forget the daily stress and routine!

The real holiday starts when your brain stops thinking about what you have to do, and starts enjoying what’s around.

Let’s start with our very personal top 5 list of things to do in the Valle di Ledro, but we are waiting for your suggestions!

1) Excursions in the nature. We have already revealed it. Here, nature reigns supreme, giving us some fairytale glimpses combined with a lush vegetation that allows lots of opportunities to go on an excursion. What do you think about an excursion to the Gorg d’Abiss waterfall? It is in Tiarno di Sotto, only some ten minutes from the Mulino dei Bugatini (a mill dating back to the 15th-16th century, today home to a little museum of the ancient crafts). The Gorg d’Abiss waterfall provides a cool and pleasant climate during the hot summer days. Along the path entering the woods you will fall in love with plenty of smaller waterfalls of the Massangla creek; thanks to their enchanting “melody”, they clear the ground for the visitor to meet the magic waterfall popping out from the rocks.

2) Canoeing and stand up paddle surfing. Lake Ledro perfectly frames the landscape. In the summer it is possible to cool down in its clear waters. Well, together with some good swimming, why not trying also canoeing? Before 11 am and after 5 pm Lake Ledro is totally flat, and paddling from Molina to Pieve and back, or discovering the little hidden bays towards Pur will be very exciting. And if you don’t fancy canoeing, what about trying to “glide through” on the lake practicing sup, that is stand up paddle surfing? That’s an activity suitable for people of every age, and it’s the perfect thing to do on Lake Ledro thanks to its flat waters. Admiring the surrounding nature will be even more beautiful while standing! 

Foto By Roberto Vuilleumier

3) Going canyoning, and the excitement improves. Do you fancy a summer in the spirit of the racing pulse? No, where are not talking about falling in love (although it’s hard not to fall in love with the Valle di Ledro!) but rather about a very exciting activity like canyoning. Here it is possible to practice this sport along two creeks, both in the Ampola Valley area: the Palvico creek and the Rio Nero. Several tourist agencies organise daily canyoning excursions, providing all the necessary equipment (diving suit, harness, helmet and life jacket) to enjoy the excitement of this compelling sport safely.

foto by Mirco Corn

4) A “made in Ledro” aperitif on the lake. Summer means also eating in the open air, and when you have a deep blue lake like Lake Ledro, how may you not use it and plan an aperitif on the grass? What about a Picco Spritz (link) to sip a made in Ledro aperitif? And to eat something, make your way to the several appetizing zero-mile products, cottage cheeses, the colorful violet potatoes, the Alpine fish!

5) Hiking path: Passo Trat – Cima Parì. Summer means… hiking! After all, the warm season is the perfect occasion to enjoy the sun on your skin and to open your eyes to to the surrounding splendors. It is also the perfect excuse to dive into nature and here in the
Valle di Ledro that is pretty easy! You can go hiking or on excursions from the 65 meters above sea level of Lake Garda, to the 2254 meters of Mount Cadria. Thanks to the landscape diversity and its worlds in miniature, the Valle di Ledro has been recognised as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. We’d suggest you Cima Parì, one of the most panoramic and breathtaking places of the Valle di Ledro which boasts a magnificent view on Lake Ledro (even a part of Lake Garda and Molveno!).

Foto by Stefania Oradini
Foto By Stefania Oradini

These are only five things to do in the Valle di Ledro in summer.

Five out of the many, very many emotions you could dive into. Let’s fall in love with nature, let’s fall in love with the Valle di Ledro.

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