Christmas in Valle di Ledro. Discover the real essence of the most awaited holiday of the year

12 November 2018 4:34 pm

Close to Lake Garda, throughout December a valley welcomes magic, whiteness, silence, peacefulness and Christmas spirit.

Valle di Ledro, the unpolluted natural paradise around an emerald lake and surrounded by woods. Where traditions make Christmas even more magical.

Christmas in Valle di Ledro is a mix of the special atmosphere you can feel in the mountain little villages, the decorations on windows, terraces and gardens, the snow on the peaks, the aromatic perfumes of cinnamon, ginger and mulled wine, the simple and genuine joyful atmosphere… and a Christmas giant!

The Giant’s Chistmas Village

Have you ever heard of Giant Gilli?

Christmas in Bezzecca, in Valle di Ledro, is dedicated to him.

On 8th, 9th, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th, 31st December, in the Christmas village of Bezzecca you can enjoy delicious food, Christmas carols and local artisanal products.

So, who was this good giant?

He was Bernardo and his nickname was “el Popo – The Kid”. When he was 20, he was already 2.60 metres tall! He was likely to be the tallest man in the world.

He lived in the eighteenth century and, as it often used to happen, the circus show business subjugated him. That’s why he decided to leave and perform dressed in Turkish clothes, even at the palace of King Louis XV and Catherine the Great.

What about the good giant today?

At Christmas time, visitors can attend an event dedicated to him to discover the Christmas’ real essence made of good food, enchanted landscapes and the Christmas spirit.

You can also visit his house – its entrance is inside the Municipality of Ledro, in Bezzecca – and take some pictures on the giant’s chair. Your children will enjoy it.

In the same room there are two wood crafts, the reproductions of the giant’s shoe and comb.  

The opening

On 8th December at 17:00 they are inaugurating the Giant Gilli’s Christmas Village in the old town centre in Bezzecca, a market of history and taste.

At the opening night, you can live a touching moment in the village. In the darkness, under a sky full of stars revealing the mountain skyline, in the village there will be only candles and torches to illuminate and best welcome the Christmas time. A touch of magic in the air.

At the market, you can taste local products and buy artisanal souvenirs and some special Christmas gifts!

In December, Valle di Ledro become an alluring place. It is like flying back to you childhood and living in a fairy-tale world accompanied by the Christmas carols by Corpo Bandistico of Valle di Ledro. What’s more? Wood manufacturing by the association Leder Legn and delicious food like the potato polenta and strauben.

The Christmas magic is at the door. Open it, come and enjoy Christmas in Valle di Ledro!

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