Dive into the nature by Valle di Ledro: the reason of the institutional blog

16 August 2018 7:45 am

The institutional blog of Valle di Ledro is born,

Dive into nature. Why? That’s easy to answer: because a blog is something like an online diary. It’s a precious tool to publish your own opinions, knowledge and ideas as well. A blog is the most democratic tool there exists. It’s for everybody and it belongs to everyone.

And starting from now, Valle di Ledro would also like to give for all of you who surf on this sea (or better lake!) known as web.

“Lose yourself” into Valle di Ledro.

Dive and lose yourself into the nature and into Valle di Ledro, a Unesco Biosphere.

Because it is really possible to learn how to get to know a place, a territory, a spot only if we are willing to “dive into” the local culture. To do that, it’s important and nice to learn how to discover places, products, restaurants, paths, legends and myths of a valley that enclose a little world in miniature in itself.

Lake Ledro is among the most beautiful and cleanest lakes all over Italy, and its valley is rich in bikeways and footpaths (well-known is the Ponale Road that connects the Valle di Ledro to Lake Garda) and packed with history (the pile-dwellings, a Unesco World Heritage Site, above all).

And if this is not enough for you, after all the blog is also an amazing way to give the voice to creativity, to listen to the neighbour, to welcome the suggestions and to share opinions.

Because if it is true that in the social media era everything happens on a screen, it is also true that thanks to the voices can get farther more rapidly.

Lose yourselves, or better lose ourselves discovering Valle di Ledro, the valley that amazes.

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