Doing sport on Lake Ledro: let’s dive into nature!

24 August 2018 8:57 am

Having lots of fun thanks to the water sports on Lake Ledro! Canoeing, windsurfing, stand up paddle surfing or also fishing. Here you can live whatever water experience you’d like to!

Let’s imagine an enchanted landscape surrounding the crystal clear waters of a lake.

Let’s imagine a haven of peacefulness, serenity, relaxation but also… the unspoilt nature that becomes the perfect backdrop to practice a lot of water sports! Where are we? In the Valle di Ledro!

In summer, the Valle di Ledro becomes the perfect environment where spending some amazing days in the sun, maybe lying on the beach, after having enjoyed some time practicing the outdoor sports on the lake waves!

Do you know what kind of and how many sports you may practice on Lake Ledro?

Let’s find them out together.

1) Swimming. That’s evergreen. The sensation of freedom you get when swimming in some fresh crystal clear water is priceless. This sport is the best way to lose yourself into the unspoilt nature of the Valle di Ledro! Lake Ledro has four main beaches suitable for coastal swimming: Pieve, Mezzolago, Besta in Molina and Pur. It’s up to you now!

Foto By Natalia Pellegrini

2) Sailing and windsurfing on Lake Ledro. The wind on Lake Ledro blows gently, making it the perfect place to practice sports like sailing and windsurfing. Every day at around 11 am a light breeze raises. It allows some pleasant excursions mainly between Pieve and Mezzolago thanks to the gentleness of the wind. These excursions are perfect also for beginners who can start approaching the practice of sailing and windsurfing safely. Here you can join one of the schools organised by the Circolo Vela Lago di Ledro in Pieve every year, for example. These courses don’t last long (only two days for adults, and 5 days for kids). Moreover, during those weekends when there are no regattas, a skipper will take you out sailing (with a maximum of 5 people) and that’s perfect for a water-oriented weekend! For those of you who don’t fancy joining a school, in Mezzolago it is possible to rent both catamarans and sailing boats, while on the beach in Pieve pedalos and windsurfing boards are available at the Tarolli rental service.

3) Canoeing and Stand up paddle surfing. Would you like to reach the most hidden spots of the lake? Thanks to canoeing that’s possible! A ride with this vessel will give you the opportunity to live the emotions of “a tuffo dove l’acqua è più blu” (citing the line of an old song by Battisti, meaning “to dive where the water is dark blue”). In Molina some courses and one-to-one classes are organised to learn how to paddle and have fun, together with the canoe, paddle and life jacket rental service. And for those of you who want to stay together, it is possible to rent a double canoe together with the single one. In Pieve it is possible to rent the canoes and all the equipment as well: at the Camping al Lago and at Tarolli rental service.

If you don’t like staying seated that much, what about trying your hand at SUP, that is the stand up paddle surfing?

Foto By Roberto Vuilleumier

Since a couple of years this has become the summer sport par excellence, and also on Lake Ledro it is possible to rent all the necessary equipment to practice it safely.

Another kind of more static sport is worth mentioning, and that’s fishing. The fishing lovers will find an ideal place here, rich in fish fauna. Trouts, perches, bleaks, pikes. Please remember that is mandatory to be equipped with a daily or weekly permit if you want to go fishing. You can buy it at the Tourist Information Center in Pieve di Ledro, or in the partner shops and bars (link).

Treat yourself with an emotion rich in excitement! Come and find out the wonderful backdrops of Lake Ledro, come and live the strength of the wind on a sailing boat, or the gentleness of the waters practicing the stand up paddle surfing. Choose the sport experience that better fits your taste, and come to live the magic of the Valle di Ledro.

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