Family holidays in the Ledro Valley

27 August 2018 8:29 am

The Ledro Valley is much more than just a tourist destination. It’s a proper experience.

And like all the best moments in life, also such a great experience like a family holiday in the Ledro Valley becomes more legendary if shared with the loved ones.

Once arrived in this tiny spot of unspoilt green you will meet a quiet environment, those peacefulness and serenity you haven’t had since ages! What about the kids? They won’t get annoyed for sure. While mum and dad are enjoying their rightful relaxation, the kids will be awaited by a lot of fun, sport, activities and events for them. They won’t even have the time to get annoyed during their holiday in the Ledro Valley.


Children love scampering free; it gives them a sense of freedom we should maybe go through more often as adults as well! And a holiday in the Ledro Valley could be the perfect chance to go back to our childhood together with our kids.

photo Roberto Vuilleumier

Here you’ll find some 7 itineraries tried out by a family: from Tremalzo to Lake Ledro, passing by Lake Ampola and the Gorg d’Abiss waterfall.

Different lengths and levels, but all to be lived with great enthusiasm and passion. Some paths rich in history and surrounded by lush vegetation that will leave you jaw-dropped (both little ones and grownups!).


The Ledro Valley see also to the little ones. Because strolling with the baby buggy is sometimes pretty difficult! Here you have some paths suitable for the buggies instead! Not only the classical route around the astonishing Lake Ledro, but also a very relaxing itinerary like the one to the green Concei Valley crossing the three little hamlets of Locca, Enguiso and Lenzumo. And also, why not going on…sculture hunting? Ledro Land Art is an art route started in 2012 to add value to the region and the art, located in the Pur pinewoods. It comprises more than twenty wood-animal-shaped sculptures, and the little ones will go nuts over them!

Have a look here to have some info about the other buggy paths, you may also be able to reach a mountain hut!


You know that kids should be taken towards knowledge. What about popping round the museum all together?

The kids will get speechless finding out the historical and natural resources of the Ledro Valley. Archaeology, botanics, history, ethnography, zoology, biology and ancient crafts are the themes that can be amusingly found out and explored by kids and grownups thanks to workshops, activities and guided tours. You can still join the activities and the guided tours of ReLed (the museum network of the Ledro Valley) for few days. The Palafittando workshops, the summer programme of the Museo delle Palafitte del Lago di Ledro are included as well.

photo Roberto Vuilleumier

For the big kids, it’s time for cycling! Around the Ledro Valley there are a lot of cycle routes (link) (although the official is just one, from Lake Ledro to Lake Ampola) where it is possible to enjoy the surrounding landscape while cycling! And every week, on Wednesday, a MTB tour for families is waiting for the mountain-biking lovers! 

During these happy expeditions with all your family, what’s better that capturing the most cheerful moments with a picture? Don’t forget to use our #vallediledro hashtag, and follow us on our social media. But above all, don’t forget the most important thing: setting off for your family holiday in the Ledro Valley with the “bulkiest luggage”: the love for your children.

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