From Monte Corno, the terrace over Lake Ledro, to stare at Snoopy’s silhouette.

10 October 2018 11:16 am

With its green mountains, its fairy-taled forests and its rich vegetation, Valle di Ledro is the best place to go walking, hiking or trekking. Would you like to try an amazing one? Go to Monte Corno, the terrace over Lake Ledro.

Hiking to Monte Corno

To feel the freedom and a real relax, nothing is better than some hours spent in the woods and meadows of Valle di Ledro, where you can look at the local flora and enjoy the peacefulness you can feel in this place. One of the most thrilling course is to the peak of Monte Corno.

Please remember that this is a trek, hence not suitable for everyone. To reach the top of Monte Corno, you need to be an expert mountain trekker, as displayed in the maps.

You will take about 6 hours to cover the distance of 14.3 km and the 2,102 meters of difference in altitude – 1,051 uphill and 1,051 downhill.

But the physical effort will be greatly rewarded by the view on top.

Believe us!

Leave your car at the car park in Via Nuova in Pieve di Ledro, then take the cyclepath to the path no. SAT 456.

San Martino Church

Foto By Stefania Oradini

Walk uphill in the wood to reach the first stop – the little church of San Martino, built in 1500 on Monte Breno at 1307 mt. Here you can watch a wonderful landscape over Val Concei and the surrounding mountains. In this church, only once a year, they celebrate the Indian Summer. On the nearest Sunday to November 11th, they open the church to the public. After the Holy Mess, they have lunch with the white and the standard polenta and roulades. A real hymn to the local delicacies!

From the Church, walk on to Bochet de Spinera. While walking, you will see the foxholes built during the World War I and a little storage – now partly destroyed – where the water flew from a lion-shaped faucet.

At Bochet you will face the last stretch uphill – how exhausting it is! Don’t forget to bring a lot of water with you! – to reach the cross on the top of Monte Corno. You will be surrounded by the silence and the peacefulness of the wood and you will stare at Lake Garda, Tiarno di Sotto, the whole Valle di Ledro, the other mountains all around up to the mountain group of Brenta and its majesty, Adamello.

Here, from the summit of Monte Corno, Lake Ledro looks like the nice and funny Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s inseparable dog!

A trek that will restore your mind, test your physical capabilities and touch your heart! A trip through enchanted and pristine woods and the fragrances of the undergrowth that will lead you to the discovery of Valle di Ledro. But, maybe, the discovery of yourselves.

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