From the Stone Age with love, in Valle di Ledro!

3 July 2019 5:43 pm

On the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes of Trentino, Lake Ledro, there is a museum dedicated to the Bronze Age! Here, at the Lake Ledro Pile Dwelling Museum you and your children will discover the original ruins of a pile-dwelling village (2200-1350 b.C.).

An “ancestor-like” summer

Hands up who knows the cartoon “The Flintstones”. If you are a history enthusiast and love our ancestors’ incredible ability to create objects and tools, at the museum you can see a lot of these little masterpieces! The Lake Ledro Pile Dwelling Museum reopens on July 6th and 7th… Come and join the party!

They rediscovered the objects exhibited at the museum at the dig of the prehistoric village that, more than 4 thousands years ago during the Bronze Age, was built on the lake shores. In the reconstructed village – it feels like being back in the Bronze Age – you can enjoy many summer activities for two months! Workshops, meetings, events and shows for children and adults who, in the new QBO spaces, can have cultural and musical “radio-style” happy hours.

Here are the events scheduled in July!

  • Molina da bere. On July 17th, come to Molina and taste the prehistoric cocktails prepared by Gelateria Mary Poppins. As musical background, the live music by Jambow Jane.

Teatime? Enjoy the event Diamoci del tè with Lodovico Tavernini and his “Storie di tè e delle sue cerimonie” (in Italian). And if you are a yoga addicted, you cannot miss the creative yoga by Liliana Stella Alexandru.

24th July: Enjoy your time at Malghito, in Molina. Drinks and live music by the Dmanisi.

Do you love reading? Listen to Lorenzo Albertini’s travel stories (in Italian) about Bosnia and the Balkan route.

And, again, the creative yoga with Liliana Stella Alexandru.

31st July

Have a cocktail at “Molina da bere” then, if you are a beginner in the art of music, take part in “Adesso ti do una nota” by Davide Cabassi (In Italian), art director of “Kawai a Ledro”. At 20.30, his concert with Tatiana Larionova to introduce the 2019’s program of musical events.


On Sunday 14th July at 10:00 join the Vintage Trucks meeting at “Zete”, Ponale, a way to see the landscapes, know the experience and listen to the stories of the old Ponale road, when this place was completely different. Nowadays it is a trekking route and a bikeway that sweeps off millions of tourists. A new way to celebrate Ponale and tell about its old times. In the afternoon, the theatre show “Zanzanù. Il bandito del lago” (in Italian) by the “L’archibugio” of Lonigo, Vicenza.


On Sunday 28th July at 20:30 at the Lake Ledro Pile Dwelling Museum, it’s rock time with “Età del rock”; concert by Rulli Frulli, the young band from Finale Emilia (their first successful concert in Ledro was in 2017). Federico Alberghini is the director and leader of the band with Marco Golinelli, Sara Setti and Federico Bocchi. This crazy band has a big heart and a huge passion for music that became even bigger after the dreadful earthquake that hit their region in 2012. Their energy is pure and involving joy. Get ready, you won’t stop dancing!

The summer in Valle di Ledro is about to take off. Take a bath in the emerald green lake and visit the museum with your children! And get ready to shout your summer motto… “ Yabadabaduuu”.

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