Gorg d’Abiss, the fabulous waterfall is in Valle di Ledro

13 April 2019 3:12 pm

It’s Sunday afternoon, the air is pleasantly crisp and the clouds are coming out from behind the mountains. Is it going to rain? No, so get out and discover the beauty of a fairy-tale place, the Waterfall Gorg D’Abiss in Valle di Ledro.

Have you ever stopped and watched a wonderful landscape while travelling? Sometimes you even say, “It looks like being in a fairy tale!” Some places, some atmospheres, lights and colours carry you to a parallel world…

In a while, you feel a sort of special chemistry with it. This is what will happen to you when you discover the wild nature of the fabulous waterfall of Gorg D’Abiss in Tiarno di Sotto, a village once called “the village of the lords” for its luxurious residences.

The course is suitable for everyone – families with children or for people who do not want to walk too much but want to spend some time outdoor and enjoy the luxuriant and spectacular nature of the waterfall Gorg D’Abiss.

While driving to Tiarno from Riva del Garda, you will notice the major element of Valle di Ledro, the water. We drove keeping the lake on our left and we were so excited for such a day!

When we parked, we walked from the main square of Tiarno di Sotto and followed the signs to the waterfall.

We immediately perceived the incredible combination between history and nature. On our right, at the beginning of the course, we saw an ancient mill no longer in use, the Mulino dei Bugatini that dates back to the fifteenth-sixteenth century (visits are not permitted as it is private). [foto mulino] We began walking into the wood and the water started to be a faithful and beautiful travelling companion. Small waterfalls, water streams, brooks – everything is possible thanks to Rio Massangla, a stream that gives life to extraordinary water moves… amazing, with a touch of “zen”! After about 10 minutes walking, behind a bend on the mountain, the outstanding and fabulous Waterfall Gorg d’Abiss which means the vortex of the abyss. What a lavish name, don’t you think?

At a first glance, you feel speechless. A world in a world, the world of waterfalls recalling the world of gnomes, sprites and an enchanted universe that, when we grow up, we remember no more.

The route is comfortable, easy and for everyone. The only precaution we recommend you is to pay attention to the humidity which may make the last stretch slippery.

On your wayback, follow the sign to Chiesetta di San Giorgio. [foto cartellone San Giorgio] While walking up towards that church, we first crossed the wood then took the paved road. After some bends, we got to the church and its onion-shaped tower. The view was simply amazing. Blooming cherry trees and almond trees made the landscape overlooking Tiarno di Sopra and Tiarno di Sotto) much more pleasant.

A deep breath then back home!

We walked uphill along the forest road, crossed the Roman bridge of Croina then down to Tiarno di Sotto. In that village there is a church, Chiesa di San Bartolameo, whose bell tower is 72 metres high. There is only one bell tower higher in Trentino. We got into our car and drove back home.

We will never forget that unexpected marvel! Its powerful water will make you feel tiny. Nature is able to create unbelievable shows that here, in Valle di Ledro, do their best. Dive into nature, dive into the beauty of this luxuriant valley.

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