Kawai a Ledro. The magic of Christmas by music

16 December 2018 7:26 am

Listening to pleasing notes in a corner of paradise called Valle di Ledro. 

Every year, this is what the international piano festival Kawai a Ledro can offer, a fundamental appointment with music.

How was born this combination between a place like Valle di Ledro and immortal music like Franz Schubert’s?

Davide Cabassi, one of the organizers of this influential festival, explained it was born thanks to a journey he did with Roberto Furcht almost twenty years ago.

Their wanted to visit their beloved friend Angelo Foletto and his legendary Chemistry’s. (link interno). 

Roberto was enchanted by Valle di Ledro and, with Angelo, began to conceive a special concert season.

Since 2004 this tradition has carried on year by year. New artists and programmes, but the basic idea has been the same: enjoy the music with friends in a relaxing and unique atmosphere. 

The magic is still on – this is the fourteenth edition.

Christmas Concert

The traditional Christmas concert of Kawai in Ledro takes place today, 28th December, at the Centro Culturale in Locca at 21:00. They will play eternal pieces such as Moritat of Brecht/Weill, Smile of Charlie Chaplin, pieces from Marlene Dietrich’s repertoire and some original ones. The musicians are the Revench, a band composed of the saxophonist and singer Helga Plankensteiner and the pianist Michael Lösch with three woodwinds, sax, trumpet and trombone, piano and drums. They will play a repertoire from dixieland, klezmer and chanson from the Twenties. An amazing repertoire that perfectly meets the magic of this place, Valle di Ledro, in the green mountains and the crystal-clear water of its lake. 

The band has already played several jazz festivals like GardaJazz, Dolomiti ski jazz, and many others and they hope they will hear the same enthusiastic audience here, in Valle di Ledro. 

Some news for 2019

The Christmas concert is the end of 2018’s Kawai a Ledro, but there are many other novelties for 2019. 

Wanna know any?

During the summer, the topic of the festival will be “Bohemia and the New World” as the valley is united with these far but emotionally near lands. Dvorak, known as the first real “American” composer will open the festival and pave the way to Gershwin, Bernstein and the other great Americans.

It will be Benedetto Lupo’s first time, with the legendary friends of Haydn Orchestra, but also newcomers like Luca Buratto, Andrea Rebaudengo, Luca Schieppati and Külli Tomingas. Then Emanuele Delucchi and Tatiana Larionova – who have been adopted by Valle di Ledro, at this point – and the great clarinettist Anton Dressler. What’s more? The Kawai a Ledro Advanced Piano Course for young people who want to learn how to play.

The Banda della Valle di Ledro will take part in one of the concerts, a tangible demonstration of how this festival can involve the musicians who live in Valle di Ledro to give life to a festival of sounds, colours and friendship.

At Christmas you can listen to some good music too, thanks to Kawai and, every year, this tradition is able to collect more and more stories, magical moments and touching anecdotes. 

As happened at the last concert at Rifugio Pernici with the young people of Kawai Summer Course in Ledro – Davide Cabassi told us of a concert in a square of the clarinettist Anton Dressler. A sudden and heavy rainfall began one hour before the start. The musicians walked the stage at 21:00 and, despite the weather, began to play for themselves. There was no audience. What a magic! It stopped raining and the public gathered in the square. An unforgettable concert, everyone will remember it forever. 

This is what music can do. Miracles. 

Nature, music and culture. All together in Valle di Ledro, one of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves thanks to its incredible biodiversity.

Kawai in Ledro represents a cultural moment that has been able to affect people’s hearts for fourteen years. The marvel of music and nature live together in Valle di Ledro. 

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