Ledro Land Art. Walking in the made-in-art nature

10 August 2019 2:36 pm

An art gallery in the open air, a place where you can feel the authentic relation with nature. Welcome to the pine forest of Pur, in Valle di Ledro.

Loving trees, intertwined branches, rocky animals, giant violins, big hands pouring out from the soil, woods of seesaws, metal snails, and hedgehogs of branches.

You will immediately fall in love with Ledro Land Art in Valle di Ledro.

Here, man has shaped nature and respectfully developed special masterpieces that give the wood a suggestive new guise.

The course is also the perfect occasion to spend some time with your family! Your kids will love to try the quiz “guess the sculpture” or the seesaws, to touch the dried leaves, the branches, the trunks and – why not? – to hug them.

The Municipality of Ledro planned it in 2012 to give more value to this luxuriant territory.

The course is easy and begins from the pine forest of Pur, where you can park your car. It continues along the water stream Assat and gets to Malga Cita, where you can enjoy the wonderful landscape and relax before leaving.

While walking, you will meet more than twenty works of art, but you need to look carefully because it is not easy to see them as they perfectly match with the surrounding natural elements. The artists created them in the pine forest, in the spot that inspired them more to be able to give their works a greater emphasis and meaning.

Particolare di una scultura in legno nella Az. Agricola Bosc del Meneghì a Pur.

Take note: if you want to visit this place in July, they organize the Ledro Land Art Festival! At Malga Cita, you will be eating polenta, “luganeghe” (sausages), vegetables and cheese while listening to some good music bands and dancing in nature!

Moreover… try this course with your kids! The course is very beautiful, flat, easy and they will learn many things. Near every piece of art there is a board where you can read the meaning of the work of art then ask your kids what their fantasy can see… And you will be amazed! After the walk, drink some fresh water and take your seat at the picnic tables.

Mother Nature can do a lot – it can make us dream, just to mention one.

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