Ledro Menu: the migration cuisine

8 November 2018 6:54 am

History, even the saddest, may be echoed and sometimes it happens in magnificently. Around a table, too.

Often, a dish is much more than delicious. Food is memories. Proust used to eat “madeleine” and memories of his childhood came to his mind. It happens the same when the people of Valle di Ledro, while eating some of their more ancient dishes, remember the piercing emotions of their history.

A century ago, at the beginning of the First World War, the people of Valle di Ledro were forced to move to the Eastern Europe, to the Czech Republic. Consequently, they gave rise to a cultural and culinary crossroad like Gnocco Boemo, goulash, Bramborak and the soft and sweet “dolce delle livanze”.

In Valle di Ledro there are four restaurants that decided to honour Bohemia by offering Czech-Ledro menus.

Czech menu – a bridge between two worlds

Valle di Ledro is a rich valley that, along with wholesome products deserving the addition to the Unesco’s project Biosphere Reserve, has a centuries-old history and tradition which make it one of the hubs of the traditional cuisine in Trentino.

Four restaurants joined to give homage to these history and memory that must be protected and passed on to the future generations.

Discover the taste of history and the menu Ledro – La cucina dell’esodo from 1st to 4th November and from 8th – 9th December (only at dinner or when specified). The menu also includes water, coffee and digestif.

The restaurants and their specialities

Ristorante Albergo Maggiorina, Osteria La Torre, Il Ristorante dell’Elda and Ristorante Locanda Le Tre Oche. These are the four restaurants in Valle di Ledro offering the menu of history to recall the food memory in the most adequate way ever – at table.

The gnocco boemo (Bohemian gnocco) is the most famous Czech dish: made with basic and easily procurable ingredients (both peoples were poor), the Bohemian gnocco is a simple dough similar to bread’s – if you make it with yeast, because you can also make it with potatoes – and can be sweet or combined with sauerkraut or goulash.

The other special dishes: the bramborak, delicious potato pancakes; the livanze, sweet pancake you can eat with blueberry jam and powdered sugar.

The people of Valle di Ledro appropriated the Bohemian traditions during their four-year banishment. When they came back home, mothers handed down these recipes to daughters.

You can enjoy these dishes in the above-mentioned four restaurants in Valle di Ledro to be the protagonists of a long-life homage to the history and identity of a population.

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