Foto Natalia Pellegrini - Percorso sentiero naturalistico di fondovalle in Val di Concei

Naturalistic pathway in Val Concei between nature and legend

19 March 2019 3:58 pm

With its 3,000 hectares nestled in a craggy mountain skyline, lies Val Concei, in Valle di Ledro, the heart of the valley.

Looking at it from above, Val Concei is a gentle emerald green expanse, where the human installations fully respect the surrounding nature.

Foto Natalia Pellegrini - Percorso sentiero naturalistico di fondovalle in Val di Concei
Foto Natalia Pellegrini – Percorso sentiero naturalistico di fondovalle in Val di Concei

A naturalistic pathway crosses Val Concei at the bottom of the valley. It starts from Lenzumo and gets to Rifugio Al Faggio (faggio means beech). Do you know why this tree has named this chalet? Well, the most ancient tree of Valle di Ledro, a 30-metre centuries-old beech lies here!

Embrace it. When you embrace a tree, you will feel a powerful dose of energy! Scientists agree and have called it “biophilia”, or love for life, love for nature. Man can benefit a lot from the biophilia and here in Val Concei you can find the perfect place to practice it.

A pathway between myths and nature

This pathway is suitable for everyone, for families with children, for trekking enthusiasts and for cyclists!

For all the technical pieces of information, click here. What you may not know about this valley are its myth and legend.

A fairy with a melodious voice used to live in Valle di Ledro. Her name was Gavardina. One day she noticed a quite unhappy mood in the valley due to insects that were ruining the cultivated fields. She got worried, but didn’t want to damage another living being, even if dangerous. Therefore, Gavardina asked the Wizard of the Snow from Val Rendena and his faithful sprites for a help.

Despite his providential help, the people of Valle di Ledro had already changed their attitude towards nature and had begun to treat it carelessly. Disappointed, the fairy escaped to Val di Fi and no one could listen to her voice no longer. Who knows you will hear her in our silent woods.

Fairy Gavardina carved in the wood

Your children will love to admire the fairy Gavardina, the gnomes, the sprites and the wizard carved in the wood. Eleven sculptors, supervised by the famous master Livio Tasin from Tenno, shaped then installed them at the beginning of the path near Rifugio al Faggio, at the end of the pathway from Lenzumo. As Filippo Zecchini – president of the association Leder Legn where this idea was conceived – explained us, Fairy Gavardina project aimed to make this little naturalistic corner richer from a historical and cultural point of view.

This association Leder Legn, born in 2015, has first held a Sculpture Symposium that gave origin to Fairy Gavardina’s sculptures. This year’s topic will be the same in order to promote the art of wood through introductory sculpture classes to give value to the paths and places of Valle di Ledro with wood statues and bas-reliefs.

If you love nature, its silence and its unbelievable perfection you just need to discover this little corner of green paradise, Val Concei, and wait for Fairy Gavardina’s pleasing voice!

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