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Remise en forme in Valle di Ledro. Let nature reawaken you!

19 March 2019 4:43 pm

Remise en forme in spring. Well, this is the “reawakening” season par excellence. Online, every day we read good tips and suggestions to restore body and mind such as practising outdoor sports, get your fill of vitamins to make your skin ready for the suntan and – why not? – spend some relaxing weekends surrounded by nature.

We add going for a walk in the woods and reading a good book on the shores of a calm lake.

The keyword? Blooming again, as nature does! The destination of your reinvigorating holiday at an emerald green, with flowers and colours all around you, is Valle di Ledro!

Blooming again like a flower. The marvel of blooming in Dromaè

Mention Valle di Ledro and you mean UNESCO biosphere. Mention nature, and you mean pure air and peacefulness. A detoxifying holiday is what you are looking for a perfect spring. Your body and mind will be reawakening thanks to what Mother Nature can give. In Valle di Ledro, you can witness an unbelievable natural show – the blooming in Dromaè.

Bring your camera because you will take amazing pictures to a “carpet of flowers”.

The perfume and the fine view of narcissus and peonies will inebriate you. The meadows of Dromaè, a mountain area over the village of, get dressed in a great range of colours in May and June – wild orchids (have you ever seen them?) lilies and anemone. The chaotic city life only lets us see these flowers in a vase, but here you can watch them in nature!

If you also want to taste something good, on May 19 you can celebrate the Festa della Fioritura in Dromaè, where you can eat typical food like polenta, meat and cheese!

The pleasure of silence on the shore of Lake Ledro.

We wish you would bloom like the flowers of Dromaè. To do that, you just need to take long and deep breaths, look at the emerald green lake and at the green mountains where it lies and listen to the wind that gently caresses your face. Lake Ledro and its nature are the best place where you can spend your time and silence. The sound of silence, to quote a famous song. Leave your smartphone at home, bring a good book and relax! Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. It is time to reconnect with Mother Nature’s energy!

Dynamic remise en forme in Valle di Ledro

For many people, the spring is also the best occasion to spend more time in the open air and practise outdoor sports like cycling, trekking, fast walking or climbing!

In Valle di Ledro you can practise all this activities for your really active remise en forme!

There are a lot of well-marked paths for your tours by mountain bike, such as the hill to Tremalzo or to Trat – Rifugio Pernici! The “bike-addicted” can take their pick!

Moreover, if you usually say “you can dare in spring”, try the natural Kneipp in Lake Ledro! Take a swim in the lake; you will get a knepp-effect immediately. If you love practising water sports, go sailing or kayaking or try the Sup (the stand up paddle) to feel the sensation of walking on the water… extremely relaxing!

Enjoy the spring, I mean, generally speaking.

In each blossom, in each wood getting greener and greener, in each beauty you can see around you. Believe in Dostoyevsky when said, “Beauty will save the world”: Valle di Ledro is ready to share its variegated and many-sided charm with you.

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