San Michele local fair: who will be the best of the livestock all?

21 September 2018 10:30 am

It’s called San Michele local fair, but it’s much more than a local festival. It’s a moment of joy, sharing, respect and valorization for the traditions.

Where is it held? In the Valle di Ledro, in Pieve precisely. Each and every year, from the Middle Ages up to nowadays, the traditions connected to the livestock and sheep farming are remembered during a great festival for everybody: visitors, locals and tourists.

This year the San Michele festival will be held on the 28th and 29th September 2018 and it will be a unique occasion to enjoy a total immersion in the unspoilt nature of the Ledro Valley, its landscape beauties and its customs, its typical dishes and the nice community that celebrates this festival every year.

Exhibitions, markets and co.

The San Michele festival grounds its roots in the Middle Ages and it is possible to feel those same vibes full of simplicity and history during the San Michele festival. A real return to the roots.

You may admire the livestock going back from the mountain cottages, but also the horses’ fierceness in all their splendour, as well as taste the flavour of simply going shopping in the market around the village streets.

In the town center of Pieve di Ledro there will be some fifty stalls, lined with several dabblers’ booths.

Cows in the spotlight

But the real queens as well as undisputed protagonists of the festival are the cows. There will be a real “beauty” contest to crown the most beautiful cow, and the little ones will be very happy.

The cows are of different breeds: Friesians, bruna alpina, pezzata rossa and grigio alpina. Who will get the title? You must come and find it out!

During the San Michele local fair you can breath the air of the past, when, at the end of the season, the animals came back from the mountain cottages and reached the villages. This event was a real celebration and a moment of great sharing for the whole community. The Ledro Valley celebrates the past and its customs, the traditions and the authenticity of the knowledge passed down by our grandparents still nowadays.

The fair programme will include other activities as well. Some workshops about the milk production, cheese tasting, kids entertainment, exhibitions about the beer, hawk flying shows. You may also groom and lead the donkeys, watch the farming equipment, the ancient tractors, the woodsmen working and the chipping timber. Together with all these activities, some live music will be played!


What about lunch? Sticked to typical dishes. In the restaurants in Pieve di Ledro the most important dish during this festival is the tripe.

The food is another element the festival centers on and it offers the participants some great tasting experiences: all the village restaurants will in fact suggest the famous tripe, as well as the breeder lunch: mush and gyro! All the leftover recipes show the authenticity of this valley from the past to nowadays.

Floods of beer for everyone

For the beer lovers, on Friday night the 28th September the Ledro Valley Oktoberfest will be back, with a typical Bavarian dinner, some live music, some local meat from Cis butcher’s and some beer from Leder brewery. Did you know? The beers of this Ledro home brew are produced using pure water from an Alpine spring. No beers are pasteurised or filtered and it’s no chance that in the Ledro Valley these beers inspired by the Bohemia are produced. During the First World War the population of the Ledro Valley were in fact evacuated until the end of the war, bringing back “home” also a piece of Bohemian history and culture to the Ledro Valley!

This year the 10th anniversary of the Ledro Valley – Bohemia twinning is celebrated. On the 30th September there will be in fact an official soirée at the Locca cultural center. At 10 am the same day, a Mass will be celebrated by the Archibishop Lauro Tisi.

Two full days dedicated to the San Michele festival, not only for the local community but also for visitors and tourists, who will live an authentic tradition with both eyes and heart. A tradition bond to the nature and the animals that doesn’t stop strike our chord, now as then.

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