How to get to Valle di Ledro: let yourself be inspired and plan your journey

16 August 2018 2:31 pm

A holiday in the Valle di Ledro. But you know where it is exactly located, don’t you? Let’s try to geolocate this area.

The Valle di Ledro is only 10 minutes driving from Lake Garda, at the southern-western most tip of the Trentino Alto Adige region, bordering with the province of Brescia.

A valley which is world famous because of the lake of the same name, and for its mountains. But how do we get there, to this tiny heaven on earth that seems to come out straight from the fairy tale world?

That’s easy, there are two main ways to get to theValle di Ledro, from Riva del Garda or from Storo.

By car passing by the Brenner pass

For those of you coming by car from the Brenner Pass we may suggest you to take the Trento Nord exit on the A22 highway, and then drive on towards Riva del Garda on the SS45 Gardesana Occidentale road. Once in Arco, go on towards Riva del Garda on the ring road, you’d better avoid passing by the town center. On the ring road you’ll find the road signs to theValle di Ledro.

By car passing by Verona

For those of you coming from Verona and taking the A22 highway, we may suggest you to take the Rovereto Sud – Lago di Garda Nord exit. You’ll then follow the directions first to Riva del Garda and then to the Valle di Ledro. It’s pretty important you to remember to take the first exit towards Arco at the roundabout in Nago. You’ll be directly on the ring road that will take you to the junction to the Valle di Ledro.

By car coming from Milan

For those of you coming from Milan there are two options. Going on until Verona on the highway and then follow the directions of the previous paragraph. Or rather take the Brescia Est exit.

From Brescia there are other two options: the first one is more panoramic and involves driving on the Gardesana Occidentale road until Riva del Garda and from there to the Valle di Ledro. We highly discourage to take it during the summer season due to the heavy traffic.

The second option is taking the Val Sabbia road, passing by Lake Idro and, once in Storo, take the road to the Valle di Ledro. This is a mountain road and because of the several hairpin turns and bends great attention is needed while driving both for the road and for the possible crossing of wild animals and bikers.

For those coming by train

The best stop is Rovereto. From here you may take a bus (have a look at the timetable Rovereto – Riva del Garda – Riva del Garda – Ledro), rent a car (the best option) or call a taxi.

For those coming by plane

The nearest airports are: Verona, Bergamo and Bolzano. We suggest you to rent a car to reach the valley and then follow the previous directions.

Although the journey to the Valle di Ledro seems a bit long, you’d better remember that the journey is a holiday in itself, and the arrival is just the starting point for new emotions, discoveries and landscapes that will open your heart!

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