Tremalzo and Bocca Casèt in autumn. Mushrooms and foliage for a full immersion in nature.

17 October 2018 7:30 am

Valle di Ledro is a real paradise for nature lovers. The blue Lake Ledro looks even brighter throughout autumn.

A bit late for the summer hiking and a bit early for skiing – in autumn, a holiday in Valle di Ledro is the best occasion to love peacefully and to enjoy the amazing colourful nature, the sunny sky and the silent woods that are not so crowded anymore.

Here a tip for you: the walk to Passo Tremalzo, which is very interesting under the botanical and naturalistic point of view. An extraordinary place you can visit in any season. Here, you can fully enjoy a big amount of native species because this mountain pass is a real botanical garden where to find wonderful flowers.

In autumn, when nature gets ambered, it becomes even more peculiar and unique. You can’t miss it!

Panorama estivo di Tremalzo

The botanical garden of Tremalzo

Valle di Ledro is a natural biosphere area, where a huge variety of native species lives, especially in the mountain group Tremalzo-Tombea there are 21 species – 8 of which are in the red list of threatened species.

The naturalistic important aspect of this area was brought out by Kaspar von Sternberg (1761-1838), the founder of paleobotany and discoverer of the new variety of Saxifrage, the Saxifraga arachnoidea, and a new kind of columbine.

This luxuriant and variegated autumn nature offers the silent show known as foliage. During this season, the wood becomes a real botanical painting, a mix of yellow, orange and other warm nuances. Valle di Ledro is one of the most beautiful places where to watch this marvel, Passo Tremalzo and Bocca di Casèt in particular.

Bocca di Casèt. Discover the migratory birds

Not only vegetable species.Tremalzo and, precisely, Bocca Casèt has been a very coveted spot for the Italian and international birdwatching since 1849.

Birdwatching is an extraordinary passion for both adults and children.

Bocca Caset is a place where, thanks to its funnel-like shape, birds like while migrating from North Europe to South Europe. The crest goes from NNE to SSW and represents the divide between the reservoir of Val d’Ampola and Val di Ledro.

That’s why this place is perfect for birdwatching. In autumn, the bird traffic increases, therefore this place become the perfect viewpoint. Furthermore, MUSE, the Museum of Sciences of Trento, from mid-August to the end of September, sets up particular nets to catch and capture these migratory birds to analyse their species and routes. Did you know they can fly from Russia to Sahara and even beyond?

Autumn in Valle di Ledro picking up… mushrooms

The fragrance of the undergrowth and of damp soil. Autumn means mushrooms picking – in Valle di Ledro, many species of mushrooms grow: chanterelles, porcini mushrooms, etc. but, pay attention! If you want to pick them up, in Valle di Ledro you need the licence. Before tasting a tasty polenta with game and chanterelles, respect the rules. Then… enjoy your meal!

Speaking of taste, after a long walk looking for mushrooms, what about a typical autumn meal?

Whether you are mountain bikers or like walking, Valle di Ledro is the destination for you. To dust stress away from your mind and to refresh your body by practising some sport, come and visit it. In autumn maybe, to observe the colourful and breath-taking foliage!

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