Tuffo della Merla. Fight the cold diving into the blue Lake Ledro

14 January 2019 3:49 pm

Traditions are sacred. On Sunday 27th January at midday in Pieve there will be the eleventh edition of this event, a real challenge against the cold! 

The last days of January, tradition says, are the coldest of the year. A famous legend tells about a white blackbird turns black because of the cold and the soot coming out from a chimney. 

On the contrary, every year there are fearless people who meet to take part to the Tuffo della Merla, adive into the freezing water of Lake Ledro. 

What’s the origin of this tradition?

Ten years ago, during a lunch on the first day of the year, immediately after the Tuffo di Capodanno. Luca Degara, Stefania Oradini and Marco Bertolotti decided to invite some friends to dive into a mountain lake on the coldest days of the year, at the end of January. And now, they are organizing the eleventh edition of Tuffo della Merla into Lago di Ledro.

Last year there were 94 participants and the year before they were 83 from different Italian cities and from Germany and even from the United States. They had come there to dive into Lake Ledro. 

Divers are of all ages. Last year, the youngest was Nikolas Bertolotti, 8, who was with his granpa Fulvio, the oldest, born in 1946. 

The divers from Crema will be there to dive and to enjoy the musical show during and after the dive! 

What a dive! The Tuffo della Merla into Lake Ledro is a real record one both as they are at 650 metres above the sea level and for the water temperature between 2 and 6 Celsius degrees!

A group of friends have organized this event for eleven years. It’s non-profit, they only want to have and share fun and to support the healthy effects of the cryotherapy, as the North European people already know – they go diving when the temperatures are several degrees below zero. 

All participants and audience will get hot mulled wine and an energising lunch. Or, at Hotel Lido you can have polenta and goulash (not free). If you want to have lunch in the hotel, please book. 

For further info, call +39 0464 591037 or write to info@hotellidoledro.it or info@vallediledro.com

What are the advantages of such a freezing dive? It improves the immune defences, burns calories – to work out when it’s cold is a good idea to lose some weight – and it gives you an adrenaline sensation of wellness thanks to the cortisol released. 

Isn’t it enough? Well, diving into the cold lake is like freedom… perfectly matched with this heavenly place called Valle di Ledro.

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