Ledro menu, the violet potato you’d never expect

3 September 2018 8:23 am

The Turchesa potato is easy to digest, with many antioxidant and anti-age properties. Notably rich in anthocyanin, in mineral salts like potassium and vitamins – mainly the vitamin C – and last but not least, super tasty. Why are we talking about that?

Because this tuber with a shocking colour and a multitude of of healthy characteristics has been revalued thanks to a skillful project of development and promotion in the Valle di Ledro.

The Turchesa potato is characterised by a dark purple skin and a claret pulp. A real rarity that has recently won, or better rewon, the affection of its lovers thanks to a tasty and very colorful initiative organised by the Consorzio per il Turismo agency in the Valle di Ledro restaurants.

In the last few years the Turchesa potato had been pretty ignored, forgotten. But our grannies remember it very well; this tuber, that seems almost an “invention” of the modern agricolture at first sight, emerges in the mind of the Ledro grownups. Mush, soups, gnocchi. These were the typical dishes that used to be prepared with the purple tuber, and that can be tasted thanks to the skillful hands of those who have the heart here: the several restauranteurs who offer the Turchesa potato Ledro menu in their restaurants.


The menus proposed are available both at lunch and dinner on the 22nd and 23rd September and on the 6th and the 7th October in the five participating restaurants, and include not only the tasty dishes with the Turchesa potato, but also water, coffee and digestive.

The five restaurants have created five colorful and absolutely savoury menus with zero-mile products and best of all, with an essential ingredient: the love for our own territory. And after the meal, a kind souvenir will be offered by the restauranteurs as a sign of hospitality. You will bring back home a little piece of this fairytale land.

What about a hare stew with Turchesa potato mush? Or for those of you who like fish, how do you see some very tasty Turchesa potato gnocchi with trout ragout?

These are but two finger-licking examples with the Turchesa potato. For the other menus, have a look here and don’t’ forget to book to be sure you could enjoy these colorful dishes.

And if you’d like to capture some dishes, don’t forget to use the #ledrofood hashtag on your social media.

In addition to tasting the Turchesa potato in our participating restaurants, you may also buy it from our producers, like Ortaggi di montagna, and the Azienda Agricola Segalla Fabio. Here you could find some fresh vegetables directly from the producer, and our Turchesa potato among the others.

Visiting our local producers or having lunch or dinner in one of the chosen restaurants will make you live not only a traditional culinary element of an enchanted valley like the Valle di Ledro. Above all, it will give you the opportunity to live it and appreciate it looking at its deepest traditions; those traditions that don’t stop touching us, now as then.

Ristorante Albergo Maggiorina
Via XXIV Ottobre, Ledro – Bezzecca
Tel. 0464 591029 
www.albergomaggiorina.it – info@albergomaggiorina.it

Osteria La Torre
Via Vittoria, 28 Ledro – Pieve
Tel. 0464 590168

Il Ristorante dell’Elda 
Via III Giugno, 3, Ledro – Lenzumo
Tel. 0464 591040
www.hotelelda.com – info@hotelelda.com

Ristorante Camping Al Lago
Via Alzer,7 Ledro – Pieve
Tel. 0464 591250
www.camping-al-lago.it – info@camping-al-lago.it

Ristorante Locanda Le Tre Oche
Via Maffei,37 Ledro – Molina
Tel. 0464 509062
www.treoche.it –  info@treoche.it

Azienda Agricola Segalla Fabio
Tel. 0464 591596
e -mail: segallafabio63@gmail.com

Ortaggi di Montagna
tel. 348 0353952
e-mail matteosegalla86@hotmail.it

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