Wakeboard at Lake Ledro. Fun and adrenaline on the water

25 May 2019 6:53 am

Call it Wakeboard, the most adrenaline and funniest summer activity – you can practise it in spring and fall, too. Come and try it on one of the most beautiful lakes of Trentino, Lake Ledro.

The English name is clear. But what’s the wakeboard?

You can even call this intense and dynamic sport “water snowboarding”. The move is similar to a snowboarder on his board, but it also looks like the waterskiing. It is like surfing while performing some tricks (let the experts try them) and jumps… spectacular!

Wakeboard in Pur, in Valle di Ledro

You can practise it at every age and in the wonderful Lake Ledro. For a safe experience, there is the wakeboard school in Pur. Children under six should not practise it. The school is open from mid-April to October, from 10:00 to 19:00. They will provide you with equipment and all the material you need. Their expert and certified instructors will help you live this new experience safely; you just need to learn how to perform some funny tricks!

Pur has always been one of the favourite area to sunbathe, because it is a quiet place and you can take a bath surrounded by nature.

If you love it, you have about a hundred of meters of real fun on your wakeboard among the waves.

You see? Valle di Ledro is full of amazing ideas to have fun in summer. Peace, wellness, entertainment, water sports, adrenaline and joy in the same place. The marvel of the nature around Lake Ledro will do the rest.

Valle di Ledro is waiting for you!

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